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Welcome to ArtPoE, the home of the ramblings of an eclectic mix of technical explorers.

First a little disclaimer - this website is not a tutorial website. You may stumble across a page that has several 3D models for you to download. With these models will be a short discussion about the use or purpose of these real world objects. What you will not find is a detailed set of steps to get the the software needed to read these file, how to generate 3D printer files from them, how to print these parts or even instructions on how the pieces fit together. If this is not what you need, hopefully Google or Bing can help you out.

Personal "Cards"

Did you get one of Mike's project cards and wonder if it works? Well they do and the information you need to populate and use one, should you be so inclined, can be found here. Word of warning, surface mount and small procurement volume means that it will be technically challenging and very expensive.

IoT ProjectsLooking for a smart thermometer (not smart thermostat) or help with corner cases of IoT problems. Solutions to creating IoT systems outside the purview of Nest, SmartThing and Alexa are here.

Soft Body Robotics

At one point, the whole family was experimenting with "Soft Robots." With scheduling and departure for college, the work has lapsed but is recorded should you care to learn more.