Nepotism is rampant within our ragtag group as you can see from our staff below. Don't be fooled by the bio with each person, all are multifaceted team members who frequently cross over into other member's stated territory.

Ash McCormack - Our main tech writer and videographer a recent graduate of Brandeis University. She has also been known to dabble in low tech pencil and paper creative writing too.

Dee McCormack - The keeper of the main lab facility and the sane one in the group. Thanks to her training in marketing and management, she helps with perspective when the team is bogged down with technical details. Better known to the rest of the team as 'mom' she is one of the few go-to financial backers for the team.

Hannah McCormack - Hannah was our lead investigator in soft body robotics until she went to Harvard and departed the engineering path to study Japan/Japanese.

Meghan McCormack - The resident artist for our website, Meghan contributes the drawings you will see here. While not the major she got her degree in at Syracuse University, art is her passion and, while good at it, technical drawing is not.

Mike McCormack - The web master of this site and the lab lackey for most of what happens here. He is also an electronics and software engineer when outside the ArtPoE lab. Probably better known to the team as 'dad', he shares the brunt of the research budget.

Sean McCormack - A graduate of RPI, Sean is slated to assist with some of the programming tasks for the soft body robot controller. We hope his degree in Computer Science/Games and Simulations will help in modelling and controlling our creation.

Shannon McCormack - Shannon is our physical artist, graduating from MassArt majoring in metals. She's previously taken pity on her father and used embedded electronics in some of her art projects so that he could spend time with her.

The team also owns the domain and most team members have an email account there based on their first name should you need to contact someone. No links, but we are confident you can figure out how to contact us.

Why ArtPoE?

All the team members wonder, so maybe you do to, what is the name of this website? Well, the great and powerful Google at one point provided free web hosting and 10 email accounts for anyone who wanted to sign up. This was a Beta like all Google projects and Mike never thought its end was impending. So, he created a website name that was based on the fact he was working on some electronics for art projects (simple LEDs for Meghan) and Power over Ethernet (for which Mike was the IEEEE committee chair) and guess what - it was available so ArtPoE was purchased. Mike created a sandbox account and set to seeing if the Google system would work for a family website and e-mail address. Shortly thereafter, Google ended the Beta and the service became a pay service - but they grandfathered the existing accounts.

Google lets you add domains, but it looks like to us that if we cancel ArtPoE we get a new account - a paying account. So we keep the ArtPoE website but we can use our emails. Sorry you were curious, we're sure.