I live in a home built in 1930, it has three floors and a basement with rooms that open at narrow doorways and which are separated by walls, floors and ceilings covered in several layers of the finest lead paint - WiFi sucks in many locations. It is heated by hot water flowing through cast iron radiators, temperature changes takes the better part of an hour to happen. While the outlets are all grounded, the ceiling fixtures are still fed by two wire discrete knob and tube copper. I'm a tech guy and my home needs assistance but the likes of Google, Amazon, Samsung and all the other IoT "leaders" seem bent on providing solutions for one bedroom apartments with central air.

So I am presently working on building a home heating system that consists of a small army of temperature sensors, mostly indoors but a couple outside, that feed a central heating controller. The heating controller will use a very slow PID loop to plan the temperature adjustments. At some point, I hope to get a wind speed measurement as being a drafty old house, that makes a difference.

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